Mattress Felt Manufacturer in India



Felt is also important part of layer in spring mattress that insulates springs with rest of layers. Felt is a textile that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibers together. Felt underlays provide firmer support and, therefore, are often used in high traffic areas in commercial establishments. In mattresses they are used for reinforcement.


Today, the mattress industry reinforcement felts offer technical characteristics which ensure an incomparable bed comfort. Available in a wide range of thicknesses, stiffness, colors, compositions, dimensions or numbers of layers, felts are commonly used in most mattress kinds. Felts and fibers are also used to keep foams in its form and as a protection material.


Felt is available in materials including wool, rayon, and polypropylene. Felts applications include dust shields, wipers, grease retainer washers, vibration mountings, polishing, glue and wax applications, pressure and cushioning rolls, lubricating, padding, oil retention, seals, and spacers.


All felt absorb water and are good insulators. Felt can be steamed and pressed and formed into permanent shapes. This means that felt can be used in many different ways. Commercial uses include hats, billiard table coverings, insulation materials, collar facings for coats and jackets. Needle felts have additional property of being elastic and lightweight compared with other nonwoven fabrics. Their uses include interlinings, mattress covers, upholstery materials and wadding.


Another sort of felt is filling felts. These are medium-hard felts used between top cloth and hard felt. They can be produced in different grams and with different thicknesses and they may show variation depending on the countries and their mattress cultures.


The top felt is the protection layer. It requires more care, especially when sleeping right on the felt with no sheet. Little woolen pilings begin to form wherever your body is directly moving/rubbing against the wool. The pilings can easily be picked off while sitting on them. It makes for good contemplation time.


Multiple felts for layered mattress


We supply a wide range of Felt. We have variety of felts in various thickness, width, length and grams. The Felt in sheets, we supply felts varying from 500 to 1100 GSM and thickness of 5 mm onwards in different sizes. The felts in rolls, we supply varying from 2mm onwards and length 25 meters depending upon thickness and density.