About Us

Reliance Bedding Industry (RBI) LLC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of spring Mattress and mattress components in UAE.
We were credited with the title of “A Class Supplier” by many well-known domestic Mattress factories.
Our products are exported to Europe, America and Middle East district etc.
We are leading manufacturer of Bonnel Springs located in strategic Dubai and catering to all the leading brands all over world.

Our Technology

We have state-of-art brand new plant and machinery from SPUHL of Switzerland, FEDIS of Italy and highly trained and experience staff.’
Our machineries are imported from America, Switzerland and Italy etc. It include: FIDES FC-66 Coilers, FIDES AS-3 Assembler, M-Spring Machine, M-Corner machines, Endless boarder wire machine, Clinching and padding Tools.

Roll Packing and Compress Packing of Bonnell Spring Units

For all the spring structure, we can offer compress packing, normally we pack 20 pcs/crate for the -/= 5.5″height unit and 18 pcs/crate for the +5.5’height unit. For the pocket and bonnell spring unit without the border frame, we also offer roll packing. It will save 80% space while delivering.